Each year we invite artists to collaborate with our printers to produce a print or series of original prints. Artists will normally work with us for one or two weeks, resulting in one or prints for publication by the studio. Atelier JI cover the production costs of these projects and are responsible for the sale of the impressions, which will be exhibited at National Fine Art Print Fairs.  

We welcome submissions from artists wishing to be published by Atelier JI. Please contact us to discuss your submission.


Atelier JI is a fine art printmaking and publishing studio with facilities for silkscreen, etching, relief printing and photographic and digital printmaking. The studio collaborates with Artists, Galleries and Publishers to produce contemporary art in print as well as running an independent publishing program with invited artists. We provide a full consultation and production service from plate-making to proofing, editioning to finishing. Projects range from unique impressions to editions, portfolios and/or box sets. 

We offer: 

  • Autographic or digital preparation of art work

  • Retouching

  • Computer aided design

  • Screen printing

  • Etching

  • Photo etching / gravure

  • Carborundum

  • Monoprinting

  • Woodcuts / Relief printing

  • Digital printmaking

  • Photographic printing

  • Cloth bound boxes, portfolios or slip cases

  • Print project management services

  • Sales & shipping logistics

Please contact us to discuss your project, or call on 07956 628 863. 

Monotypes: For artists wanting to make unique, single print impressions (not editioned) with a spontaneous, painterly quality, monotype sessions can be booked for half days, full days or multiple days

Featured Projects:

Conor Harrington, Wolfe Von Lenkiewicz, and Hua Tunan.