Atelier Ji works in collaboration with Master Lithographers, providing artists the opportunity to create an original print using limestone, ball-grain aluminium plates or photo-litho plates. Autographic drawings, tonal washes, materials, transfer patterns, can be transferred onto lithographic matrices, as well as photographic and digitally created images and much more, under the direction of trusted master printers. Artists can also choose to work directly with our printers or remotely, supplying skilled staff with sketches, maquette's, high resolution original photographs or digital files to create full colour, hand printed editions. All these elements can be freely combined, with any other printed medium including, screen, etching relief and digital processes. Please contact us to discuss your project. 

RELIEF PRINTING: From potato prints to 50-colour woodcuts our printers are skilled in relief printmaking. Our printers have collaborated on projects with many leading artists including Damien Hirst, Wolfe Von Lenkiewicz and Gillian Ayers. Relief printing is a versatile process with numerous possibilities in the making. We welcome printing requests from pre-prepared blocks to unrealised proposals. Please contact us to discuss your project or to request a quote.

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