Paul Choy - Arthouse, Mauritius 

Faceless & Forgotten Series 2016


600mm x 600mm
Glossed photographic print mounted on foamex
Edition: 60 unique images
Published by the artist
Printed by
Omni Colour

"One of the biggest injustices of the current refugee crisis of Europe is the sheer number of children being robbed of their childhood by a situation beyond their control or understanding. The world owes a debt of care to this generation of faceless, forgotten children. We should, and must, do more.” - #LivesMatter by Paul Choy

A note from Paul Choy.

"I was always more of an explorer. I liked nothing better than just heading out to discover what adventures I could find, what memories I could create. I travelled the world, seeing the most amazing sights and meeting the most amazing people.

But memories were all I created. I wanted more. I wanted to document my adventures. And so, over time, I began to carry my camera with me when I went out exploring, sharing the photographs I created with others. Pretty soon people started calling me a photographer, and that was that.

Now my camera comes with me everywhere, telling the stories of the people I meet and the places I visit, one photograph at a time."