JPS - Conker The World, Print Release with Graffiti Street

Atelier JI are delighted to announce our recent print collaboration with the incredible street artist JPS and UK Publishers Graffiti Street. "Conker the World" by JPS, was produced in May 2017 and released by "Graffiti Street". 

Street artist JPS, was on a downward spiral until a visit to the Banksy exhibit in Bristol turned his life around. The 37-year-old street artist from Weston-super-Mare had an addiction to drugs and alcohol, and was living rough. Inspired by Banksy, JPS has developed his own style creating playful street art. "Conker the World" is an 8 colour screen print with hand finished globe by JPS, with an additional three special colour-ways including pink, silver and gold glitter bow.

Stencil artist JPS first painted this piece in an abandoned factory in Germany, 2016 and most recently created a full colour version in Norway. The image depicts a young boy and girl playing the traditional game of ‘Conkers’. The Conker, a seed of the horse chestnut tree, is threaded onto a piece of string, each player strikes each other’s conker until one breaks. The strongest conker will win.

With JPS poetic play on words one of the conkers is replaced by the globe. JPS’s clever switch changes the composition of the piece. We all have it in us to conquer anything we put our minds to, lets dream big and conquer the world!

Take a look behind the scenes with Graffiti Streets production video and our production shots from the studio here below... 

*Images and film courtesy & copyright of the artist, Graffiti Street.