Hua Tunan - Night Luminescent Pearl Print Release with Graffiti Street

Atelier JI are delighted to have collaborated with the incredible street artist Hua Tunan and UK Publishers Graffiti Street. "Night Luminescent Pearl" by Hua Tunan, was produced in the final weeks of 2016 and released by "Graffiti Street" on 28th December. 

Hua Tunan (born in China, 1991) combines traditional Chinese painting techniques (a knowledge passed down to him from his father) with Western style graffiti. "Night Luminescent Pearl" is an archival inkjet print on 330gsm velvet watercolour Somerset paper with a hand-pulled one layer screen printed highlights and hand finished with gold and white details by the artist. Each print is signed and numbered and is unique in its hand painted finish.

Take a look behind the scenes with Graffiti Streets production video and our production shots from the studio here below... 

Images courtesy & copyright of the artist, Graffiti Street and Atelier JI.