We recently had the pleasure of spending a week with the fabulous Bisser, making and printing his new etching “Migration”. This talented young Belgian is taking the urban art scene by storm, and is known for his unforgettable and highly-stylised approach. The word Bisser comes from the verb "Bissen" which means to resit your year at school. The name wasn't chosen by accident either, as he has been able to convert classroom adversity into glorious opportunity. He recently made the top 3 at Bloop Festival and continues to wow the crowds. With his own unique style, Bisser is taking street art into new realms of creative expression. You can find out more and purchase this beautiful edition from UK publishers Graffiti Street.


Chloe Manasseh reveals here latest project, A 25m mural in Facebook's HQ, Singapore.

Chloe Manasseh - Facebook Singapore

25m wall mural, oil on wood, Facebook HQ Singapore 2018

The Sublime power of nature is rooted within notions of geographical identity, as forms of tropical fauna emerge from this colourful abstraction. More than an exotic escape, Chloe reflects on collective memory and the movement of people across continents, melding cultures and world views over time. As we continue to seek shared histories and personal connections to our modern landscape, we become part of something bigger than ourselves. 

Words by FB AIR Curator Pey Chuan Tan
Photography by Matin Latif, courtesy of Facebook Arist in Residence Programme.


We recently had great pleasure in working with Chloe Early on her spectacular new screenprint. Here are a few words from the artist about the project: 

This print is based on my painting "Compass" which I did last year, the painting became a turning point for me and a way to incorporate new interests into my work. I was thinking about the Mediterranean Sea and how one place can have such different associations depending on who you are and where you are standing. A place of leisure, escapism and beauty to most Europeans and yet a place of fear, danger and possible death to many of the refugees trying to cross the sea to reach Europe.

In light of the on-going refugee crisis and my experiences as a new mother, I made this work to try to represent the all encompassing love and devotion that go into a mother’s relationship to her child. As families we are each other’s Compass, our North, South, East and West.

I have since travelled to Greece and listened to a mother telling me how she wrapped her pregnant self and her three children together with a rope for their boat journey from Turkey to Greece as “if we live, we live together and if we die, we die together”. I cannot un-know and un-hear the things she told me and despite the depths of despair her story reached, the devotion she displayed towards her kids amazed and inspired me.

Motherhood can take us to places of extremes and challenges the breadth of our physical and emotional beings. For those of us lucky enough to be doing this in the comfort of our own homes, it is one thing, for those brave women trying to feed their babies, raise their children and build a life in peace whilst fleeing wars, I cannot imagine their strength. 

50% of profits raised from this print will be donated to Nurture Project International, a charity which helps mothers feed their babies safely in the most challenging of situations. With much love Chloe XX.

Graffiti Street release teaser of Hua Tunan's "FEARLESS"

Graffiti Street have released this video showcasing behind the scenes footage of "The making of Hua Tunan's "FEARLESS".

This is Hua Tunan's first ever screen-print and Atelier JI are honoured to have been a part of this memorable collaboration. Our thanks go out to our friends at Graffiti Street and our very talented friend Hua Tunan.  

Print release date set to 16th May 2018 at 10:00 EST / 15:00 BST / 16:00 CET

For more info visit or see the screen print here... Hua Tunan's "FEARLESS"


New Editions: James Seow

The Garden Path IX

Atelier JI are delighted to present a new photographic edition from artist-printmaker James Seow, The Garden Path IX. Drawing on his ancestral roots and the beauty of the natural world James Seow creates extraordinary, mythical landscapes. The Garden Path IX depicts a simulated conflict between reality and illusion, through Seow’s unique use of digital photomontage. Sourcing imagery from classical Chinese ink painting and 17th Century Western landscape painting Seow seeks to bridge the gap between Eastern and Western references to nature in art.  

Third generation Chinese, James Seow was born in Malaysia where he grew up before relocating to London, where he now resides. For James, it’s his dual Malaysian and British identity that has inspired themes of architecture and nature in his work. His upbringing in Malaysia during the 1990s saw him bare witness to a huge transformation of the country through mass deforestation and urban planning, a clear contributor to his focus on nature’s relationship with urban life. Often using public squares, parks and gardens to demonstrate human attempts to impose order on natural forces, a running theme in Seow’s work is to depict constant struggles between the natural and the artificial, often observing cultural, socio-political and environmental issues in the process.

James Seow graduated from Central St Martin’s and the Royal College of Art. Seow’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and is in the collection of private individuals as well as Central St Martins School of Art and Design, the Royal College of Art, Brookfield Asset Management Inc. and St James, Berkeley Group, UK. 



ATELIER JI are pleased to announce our participation in the Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair 2017. We take great pleasure in presenting new and previously unseen editions with our print studio collaborators, Amy Gear, Jake Garfield, Katherine Jones, Chloe Manasseh, Lisa Chang Lee, Elizabeth Hayley and James Seow. Join us from 20th - 23rd October in Building 10, Major Draper Street,  Royal Arsenal Riverside, London, SE18 6GD. We will be featuring new screenprint, relief and lithographic editions, alongside unique monotypes, photographic prints and a bronze cast. 

With demonstrations and presentations from collaborators such as Thames-side Print Studio and the Courtauld Institute, the Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair is set to be an event for any enthusiastic print-maker/collector not to miss. 

Atelier JI at the Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair, 2017

Atelier JI at the Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair, 2017

XENZ - "Two in the Bush" Print Release with Upfest

Atelier JI are delighted to have collaborated with the incredible street artist Xenz on his new publication "Two in the Bush" produced for the UK festival "Upfest" Europe's largest Street Art and Graffiti festival in Bristol, July 2017.  

Xenz got into graffiti in the 80s. He grew up in Hull where he developed his love for mural painting in the many derelict warehouses in the city. In 1998 he moved to Bristol, where he spent a decade painting. It is here where he gained a reputation for his art. He is an artist know for constantly pushing boundaries and refusing to fit in. He paints mainly from memory working spontaneously reacting to emotions, his surroundings and experiences. To him graffiti is much more than just a name on a wall. In fact the term graffiti doesn't sufficiently describe what he does. His pieces display influences from many different sources, not just the graffiti style of New York. 

Xenz has successfully blended fine art with gritty urban scrawl and established himself as full time artist in London, setting up his studio in 2005. The past decade has seen him exhibit all over the world. Many of his paintings are now in private collections and his prints are always in huge demand. 

"Two in the Bush" is a four colour hand pulled screen print on 410gsm Somerset Satin paper each hand finished by the artist. Each print is signed and numbered and is unique in its hand painted finish.

Images courtesy & copyright of the artist. 

JPS - Conker The World, Print Release with Graffiti Street

Atelier JI are delighted to announce our recent print collaboration with the incredible street artist JPS and UK Publishers Graffiti Street. "Conker the World" by JPS, was produced in May 2017 and released by "Graffiti Street". 

Street artist JPS, was on a downward spiral until a visit to the Banksy exhibit in Bristol turned his life around. The 37-year-old street artist from Weston-super-Mare had an addiction to drugs and alcohol, and was living rough. Inspired by Banksy, JPS has developed his own style creating playful street art. "Conker the World" is an 8 colour screen print with hand finished globe by JPS, with an additional three special colour-ways including pink, silver and gold glitter bow.

Stencil artist JPS first painted this piece in an abandoned factory in Germany, 2016 and most recently created a full colour version in Norway. The image depicts a young boy and girl playing the traditional game of ‘Conkers’. The Conker, a seed of the horse chestnut tree, is threaded onto a piece of string, each player strikes each other’s conker until one breaks. The strongest conker will win.

With JPS poetic play on words one of the conkers is replaced by the globe. JPS’s clever switch changes the composition of the piece. We all have it in us to conquer anything we put our minds to, lets dream big and conquer the world!

Take a look behind the scenes with Graffiti Streets production video and our production shots from the studio here below... 

*Images and film courtesy & copyright of the artist, Graffiti Street.

Hua Tunan - Night Luminescent Pearl Print Release with Graffiti Street

Atelier JI are delighted to have collaborated with the incredible street artist Hua Tunan and UK Publishers Graffiti Street. "Night Luminescent Pearl" by Hua Tunan, was produced in the final weeks of 2016 and released by "Graffiti Street" on 28th December. 

Hua Tunan (born in China, 1991) combines traditional Chinese painting techniques (a knowledge passed down to him from his father) with Western style graffiti. "Night Luminescent Pearl" is an archival inkjet print on 330gsm velvet watercolour Somerset paper with a hand-pulled one layer screen printed highlights and hand finished with gold and white details by the artist. Each print is signed and numbered and is unique in its hand painted finish.

Take a look behind the scenes with Graffiti Streets production video and our production shots from the studio here below... 

Images courtesy & copyright of the artist, Graffiti Street and Atelier JI. 

Conor Harrington - Watch Your Palace Fall, "Transformer" Print Release

Atelier JI are delighted to announce the final print release from Conor Harrington, published by Hungryboy Books, from the "Watch Your Palace Fall" series, "Transformer".  The limited edition fine art screenprint by Harrington is a 5 colour screen print featuring optichromic gold varnish and gloss varnish overprints on Somerset Satin 410gsm in an edition of 60.

The release of "Transformer" follows Harrington's hugely successful 2016 solo show with Pace London and HENI Publishing entitled "Watch Your Palace Fall". Previous releases from the series include the screenprints "Grab Your Guise" and "Hide & Seek".  

Elizabeth Hayley New Print Launch at the Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair, 18th Nov. 2016

We are delighted to announce that Elizabeth Hayley will be launching a very special new limited edition print with Atelier JI at the Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair. Hayley will be joining us on Friday 18th November between 11am and 1pm for the edition signing and to talk to guests about her new release and current practise. 

Join us tomorrow and enjoy a fabulous event with printmaking plenty, from Atelier JI, Slaughter Haus, Thames Side Studios and a beautifully curated print fair showcasing over 70 talented contemporary printmakers curated by our very talented hosts Brocket Gallery

The print will be available at a special price of £95.00 at the Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair. 17 - 20 November 2016. Building 10, Major Draper Street, Royal Arsenal Riverside, London, SE18 6GD

Conor Harrington - Hide & Seek | Limited Edition Print Release

Atelier JI are delighted to have been commissioned by Hungryboy Books to produce their second, limited edition fine art screen print release, with London based artist Conor Harrington. "Hide & Seek" by Harrington is a 7 colour screen print on Somerset Satin 410gsm in an edition of 60.

The release of "Hide & Seek" follows Harrington's hugely successful solo show with Pace London and HENI Publishing entitled "Watch Your Palace Fall". The special exhibition of new work by Conor Harrington featured ten new paintings including the work that inspired HungryBoy Books latest release "Hide & Seek". 

This 7 colour screen print with gloss varnish is available to purchase from Hungryboy Books publications. 

James Hunter - Orangeola | Eyestorm Print Release

Atelier JI is very pleased to have completed our first screen-print edition with Eyestorm artist James Hunter. "Orangeola". "Orangeola" is an 11 colour screen print on Somerset Satin 410gsm paper with hand torn edge, in a limited edition of 50 prints. 

Born in Preston in 1987 James graduated from Leeds Metropolitan University in 2009 having studied painting and performance on the Contemporary Art Course. He worked for more than two years in Stroud and London, as a fabricator for the renowned British artist Damien Hirst, giving him an informative insight into the Art world. He continues to explore his painting.

" I get frustrated with my thought processes and self questioning. I try to empty my mind. I don't want to know what's going to happen on the canvas. I start somewhere, then every subsequent mark is a response to what I see. Then I stop when it feels right. Every mark is evident and meaningful. The result is an honest and playful journey. "

James's work has been shown internationally including New York City, Stockholm, Singapore and London. He lives and works near Liverpool. 

Conor Harrington: Grab Your Guise - A Limited Edition Print Release

We are very pleased to have completed our first screen-print edition with London based artist Conor Harrington. "Grab Your Guise" is due to be released by Hungryboy Books this July and is the publishers first fine art print from Harrington. 

This 9 colour screen print with gloss varnish is available to purchase from Hungryboy Books publications. Hungryboy Books will be donating £50 from every print sold to MOAC, an organisation dedicated to preventing loss of life by providing professional search-and-rescue assistance to refugees and migrants in distress at sea.

Explore behind the scenes and see some of studio and production shots taken during the making of Harrington's "Grab Your Guise"

Elizabeth Hayley: Malleable Objects, at Snape Maltings


Elizabeth Hayley: Malleable Objects, at Snape Maltings

11th June - 9th July

Venue: The Gallery

Elizabeth Hayley's extraordinary photographs of The Maltings and other traditional environments such as mills and boatyards, are here presented in large scale on metal, including the steel used in boat hulls which provides a strong yet fragile foundation.

Though she lives locally, Hayley has previously exhibited in Paris and London and so we are delighted to welcome her to the Gallery at Snape Maltings and pleased that she took as one of her subjects those Maltings buildings which are yet to be restored.

The images Hayley creates are malleable too, through the process she invokes and her use of hand-brushed marks in photographic emulsion and the layered tones of her work. The insights she reveals, glimpses into a disappearing world of places and objects over a century old and her focus on their struggle to survive, is fascinating, as is the development of these spaces and structures to support new uses.


285mm x 305mm
Etching on Somerset Satin 300gsm
Edition of 25 (+ 2 APs)
Signed and numbered by the artist
Published by the Atelier Ji


285mm x 305mm
Etching on Somerset Satin 300gsm
Edition of 25 (+ 2 APs)
Signed and numbered by the artist
Published by the Atelier Ji

Elizabeth Hayley exhibits in "Visible Traces" with Julian Page Fine Art

Visible Traces, Clerkenwell, April 12-17

Visible Traces, a four artist show featuring Elizabeth Hayley, Robinson/McMahon, Ian Stephenson & Jayne Wilton runs from 12-17 April 2016 at Clerkenwell Green, London, EC1R ODP, with a Private View from 6-8:30 on Tuesday 12 April.

Elizabeth Hayley, (left to right) Hempex ( 75cmx100cm) ; Poised ( 100cmx120cm) ; Rainbow ( 75cm x 100cm):  2014, Silver Gelatin on Brass.

Elizabeth Hayley, (left to right) Hempex (75cmx100cm); Poised (100cmx120cm); Rainbow (75cm x 100cm): 2014, Silver Gelatin on Brass.

Visible Traces offers an alternative showing of works by Ian Stephenson (1934-2000) in the context of a select group show. Stephenson was a pioneering English abstract artist who characteristically splattered colours in layers towards obliteration. His work featured in Antonioni’s film Blow Up (1966), an iconic vision of London in the swinging sixties. The film’s aura of elegance and cool was transferred onto the artist and made him fashionable, but obscured the serious intent behind his lifelong investigation into visual density.

Countless happenings in time present as one simultaneous expression. Emptiness filled with matter. Solids filled with space.” Andrew Forge (The Independent)

Curators Julian Page and Joanna Bryant seek to provide new insights into this underrated artist, by contextualising his work with that of three emerging artists. A series of his prints are shown alongside sculptures by Jayne Wilton, paintings by Robinson/McMahon and photographs by Elizabeth Hayley.

Visible Traces draws attention to Stephenson’s work in a new, contemporary context and suggests links between these diverse artists and one of the pioneers of British 60’s abstract art. |

Private View: Tuesday 12 April (6-8.30pm) Exhibition: Wednesday 13 – Saturday 16 April (11am-6pm)

Recent Limited Edition Prints by Elizabeth Hayley

Elizabeth Hayley’s silver gelatin prints on steel and brass, seek to trace a record and likeness of the experience of life lived on and surrounded by water, making references to the past and impermanence. The pictorial quality of her photographic tableaux correlates with their documentary value: about life on a ship, old vessels, or boat communities; about ways of seeing and ways of doing, yet they also invite us to experience the density and transparency of time. (Julian Page)

Chloë Manasseh exhibits in Fruits of the Lûm, the first exhibition by Tžužjj.


Chloë Manasseh exhibits in Fruits of the Lûm, the first group exhibition by Tžužjj. Manasseh’s paintings and video works explore the limits of representation and ideas of remixing reality, investigating senses that allow us to construct a limited simulation of what is around us, and with our limited perspective, our memory and imagination further distorts our perception of space.

Open 25th March 16 - 10th April 16 the exhibition presents a series of public-realm commissions in the form of custom-made light-boxes will be displayed around Liverpool, launched in tandem with an exhibition at CBS gallery, showing the work of five international emerging artists, Mike Aitken, Adam Ferriss, Holly Hendry, Jake Laffoley and Chloë Manasseh

Fruits of the Lûm is an exhibition in two parts. Locations of the five light-boxes will be revealed at the Private View on Friday 25th March. 

Fruits of the Lûm will be accompanied by 'Crit-a-Öke' on 09/04/16 at Bluecoat, Liverpool, an event exploring critical writing and theatricality. Details available at

Supported by Arts Council England| |

Chloë ManassehRecent exhibitions include The Names,Transition Gallery, London; The Book of Palms; Artist in Residence exhibition, SHHS, London; Multiplied 2015, Contemporary Art in Editions Fair, Christies, London; ExpoMilano, Università Cattolica, in association with The Vatican Pavilion, Milan

Recent Limited Edition Prints by Chloë Manasseh:


805mm x 610mm
Screenprint in 11 colours, on Somerset Satin 410gsm
Edition of 20
Signed and numbered by the artist
Published by Atelier Ji




Katherine Jones - Xenotopia - Gibberd Gallery

xenotopia - katherine jones - atelier ji

From Friday November 6 to Thursday December 17, 2015, Katherine Jones will be exhibiting new work in :Xenotopia at the Gibberd Gallery, Harlow. 

:Xenotopia is a concept and exhibition relating to the manifestation of architecture though the medium and expanded field of printed matter.

:Xenotopia is a group exhibition that explores ‘out-of-place places’, particularly strange, fictitious architecture, and ‘xenospaces’, imagined, meta-geographic locations that exist only theoretically, ethereally or subconsciously. ‘Xenotopia’ is a term coined by British travel writer Robert McFarlane to describe an uncanny landscape. Xeno is the Greek word for ‘other’, or that which is ‘different in origin’, while topia is the suffix deployed by Thomas Moore in the title of his celebrated 1516 book, Utopia – a work of political philosophy manifested through the depiction of a fictionalized island society.

Through the expanded medium of print, each of the 14 internationally prominent artists showing in :Xenotopia offer their own unique explorations and visualisations of similarly fictional but redolent places of psycho-geographic ambiguity or putative architectural paradise. The works, which display a range of, often, tangential, anachronistic or merely tenuous connections and approaches to the printmaking medium, marry unfamiliar and idealised elements in a kind of flux where the alien meets the quotidian and the recognizable becomes unknown.

Curated by artist Louise Clarke, :Xenotopia is partly inspired by post-war British architectural modernism and utopian social planning as embodied in ‘new towns’ such as Harlow, where the Gibberd Gallery is located. Housed within the town’s Civic Centre, the gallery, which opened in 1984, is the work of visionary Harlow architect Sir Frederick Gibberd and is run by the Harlow Art Trust, who are also responsible for installing and maintaining the town’s abundance of sculpture and other public art.

Artists: Emily Allchurch, Amba Sayal-Bennett, Berenika Boberska, Pablo Bronstein, Rachel Clewlow, Noémie Goudal, Sarah Anne Johnson, Katherine Jones, Catriona Leahy, Theo Miller, Paul Noble, Grayson Perry, David Price and Jenny Wiener

Read the full press release here