Atelier JI are delighted to present a new series of unique monotype prints by Shinyoung Park.

The work of Shinyoung Park focuses on distilling essence by capturing certain moments. Growing up watching her father developed photos in the dark room, Shinyoung learnt that an image is a delicate vehicle to visualize something invisible, unutterable, but perceivable with insight. In the dark, a ray of light is registered as an image. It appeared as though through the rigorous development of a photograph, the essence of life was realized in a way in which we could relate.

Shinyoung Park experiments with the meaning of existence. Her multidisciplinary work explores human psychology, religious belief and the origin of life. Recent travels and a residency in London have broadened those important subjects. Traveling enables us to feel the flux of existence.

“Through my travels, morphing with my surroundings, my experiences and crossing borderlines, I try to reflect these changes though the use of media. Based on drawing, I enjoy exploring the new possibility of visual languages in various disciplines, applying rules in one field to another or mixing them together. For me, ‘Across boundaries’ is the attitude of creativity.” (Shinyoung Park, 2018).