Atelier Ji are delighted to present a new screenprint from artist-printmaker Elizabeth Hayley RCA depicts the stem of the vessel "Fenguide LN35". Hayley here captures the moment a plank is steamed into place during the vessels repair, a process known as "boiled in the bag". The ends of each plank are called the "hood-ends" and the stem collates the hood-ends, marrying the port and starboard sides of the boat.

Elizabeth Hayley RCA, works in collaboration with Shipwright John Archer documenting the ongoing restoration of such vessels. Hood-Ends is the second screenprint edition in a series of ongoing works derived from Hayley's medium format photography. The first print in the series depicts a vessel submerged prior to its restoration, the iconic National Historic Fishing Vessel “Glad Tidings”. 

Elizabeth Hayley RCA lives and works in Suffolk, UK and is currently artist in residence at the new Riggle Street Residency at Sarah Pirkis Bronze Casting Studio, Suffolk.