Luke Hart - Wall - Atelier Ji

Luke Hart - WALL (William Benington Gallery)


420mm x 297mm
Pigment Print on Somerset Satin 330gsm
Edition of 20 + 5 APs
Signed and numbered by the artist
Published by William Benington Gallery - London

Produced to coincide with Luke Harts solo exhibition WALL at William Benington Gallery. William Benington Gallery is London’s only specialist contemporary sculpture gallery, owned and run by George Marsh and Laura Mingozzi-Marsh. 

Luke Hart’s practice represents a meeting point between the sculptural and the functional – that is not to say, necessarily, useful or practical. His sculptures exist beyond simple aesthetic or even representational concerns, they are without metaphor; their functionality challenges the idea of the traditional ‘art-object’, or perhaps their artistic endeavour is their function. In this instance, function is about more than use-value. There is a sense of the word, that the physical action performed by an object, can be said to be its function, even if that action is as simple as leaning or flexing.