Joe La Placa - Stylus


960mm x 960mm
Digital print on archival 308gsm paper
Signed and numbered by the artist.
Published by the artist

From the ‘Sensitive Chaos’ series the original, often mistaken for a computer generated image, was entirely painted by hand using a complex masking technique to create the moire pattern and rare pigments suspended in a Silica based polymer. 

The 'Sensitive Chaos' series was inspired by La Placa's interest in the Butterfly effect (where the flap of a butterfly's wings can escalate into a storm) and dynamic symmetries. For instance, the inspiration for the painting ‘Diffraction’ is as La Placa quotes “what the liberation of sound from a diamond stylus in a vinyl record grove would look like from a microscopic point of view” or on the case of ‘Dune’ those dynamic symmetries found in nature, in particular the shifting sands of the desert.

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