Jake Garfield - Jake's Big Painting


Jake Garfield - Jake's Big Painting


970mm x 650mm
Edition of 4 + 1 AP
Woodcut on Atsukushi paper
Signed and numbered by the artist
Published by the Artist

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Atelier JI is proud to present Jake Garfield's latest project, a series of medium-to-large scale woodcuts on Japanese Atsukushi paper, mounted on wooden frames. The woodcuts tell the story of fictional boxer Jake Taylor as he undergoes a transformation from bad-tempered fighter to renowned artist. Themes of brotherhood, masculinity and self-reflection are prominent throughout the series.

Measuring in at 360cm x 240cm, Garfield’s largest work in the series, “The Tale Of Jake The Boxer” acts as a thesis statement for the project. Two silhouetted figures provide an introduction to the characters of Jake and his brother, while the posters behind the figures and objects within the diegesis of the piece preempt the imagery used throughout the series: boxers clinching; men shaving; women looking.

In “Jake’s Big Painting”, a figure emerges from a large face in the centre of the woodcut. There is a tension between the illusory of depth of the piece and the inherent flatness of the medium. Garfield creates a disorientating sense of space through his inclusion of multiple frames with ambiguous borders, allowing for a strange world in which the boundary between image and object is indistinguishable.