XXL - Navigate 003


XXL - Navigate 003


480mm x 305mm
From a series of 10 archival pigment prints on Somerset Photo Satin 300gsm
Edition of 20
Signed and numbered by the artist
Published by Atelier Ji

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The XXL - Navigate series were created from a series of stills taken from Manasseh's super 8, painted film production of the same name.  XXL Navigate was created whilst Manasseh was living in the Mojave Desert for 8 weeks as part of The Joshua Tree Highlands Artist Residency, USA, 2015.  The work was made as part of an ongoing video / sound project called ‘100 Sounds*’, and was based on her time spent living and creating work in Joshua Tree. It is a deconstruction and remix of reality; an abstracted mind-scape with absurd undertones, which expresses Manasseh's direct observations of a new landscape and characterises her interests in static movement, travel and transformation within landscape. It incorporates digital footage shot on location and painting on super 8 film. 

*100 Sounds is a video / sound project that is an ongoing collaboration that Manasseh directs and produces with musicians in cities around the world. The premise behind the project is to create a new video work in each city Manasseh visits whilst navigating and orientating herself within a new environment. Manasseh then collaborates with local musicians or sound artists asking them to respond directly to the film work through un-filtered, unrehearsed sound. The musicians are also filmed in a live environment, and the resulting documentation then becomes part of the artwork. 

xxl navigate - *100 Sounds Series
Digital footage and painting on super 8, shot around Joshua Tree, California, USA
The Joshua Tree Highlands Artist Residency, 2015
Video work used in 100 Sounds Joshua Tree, and in collaboration with artist Alison Stigora.